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What Was I Thinking?

What was I thinking? Starting a new business at my age and at this time of my life?!

My kids are grown, my friends are slowing down and traveling. I was just about to be free!

Am I crazy? Maybe? Or maybe NOT!

Honestly, I am completely enlivened and love that I feel so passionate about growing my new business Debbie Dannheisser Threads. And I love the sense of purpose and mission that it brings to my life, to my family’s life.

Each day feels so meaningful, so exciting, so new. This has an incredible life and energy of its own that grows with balance every day.

Don't get me wrong, there are challenges, lots of ups and downs, but maybe being this age is perfect. 

I have developed a sense of trust in life that carries me through those challenges. I fear less about making mistakes and remember what I really want my children to do for themselves is to  live life fully and follow their passions.

Sometimes I feel like I just got out of school and have taken on a new career learning the ropes. But isn't that what life is about?  Just like our kids we are learning something new and finding new excitements every day. I love that they see I am trying to practice what I have preached!

Being present and letting go of fear is a daily challenge, but I am surrounded by an incredible staff that is young and full of life and friends and family who are sharing in the excitement and passion. My desire is not to just be successful for me but for them, too. Having others join in with you and share the journey with you is just thrilling! They love it and want it as much as I do and it makes it even more exciting to be a part of something larger than yourself.

I am called forth to take a chance and go for it!

Having the support of family, friends and all the amazing women I meet is encouraging, immeasurable, and life altering.

So, maybe  crazy is a good thing. Maybe taking this path that I never before traveled is a great thing.

I'm thinking Debbie Dannheisser Threads is pretty terrific! Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

~ Debbie

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