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Girl, what are you wearing?!

Girl, what are you wearing?! Where did it come from and what was the inspiration? When you wear Threads, know they are inspired by love and we want you to feel the love while wearing the love!! But where does the love come from?!

For me, painting has always been a way of expressing myself.  In good times and bad times, I don’t even know exactly what I feel, yet feel tense and a need to paint, to express myself.  I turn on the music, pick up a brush, choose colors and shapes and connect to the canvas.  I push through my impatience of not knowing what to paint or what color to choose and eventually let go of my expectations.  It is then that the magic occurs. I sense relief and freedom from the chains that bind me. Then the transformation from canvas to cloth happens!! I love seeing my paintings on my apparel! As I view the patterns, colors and shapes on Threads derived from my art, I feel happy and fulfilled with the sense that other women are going to love & enjoy the Threads too! 

Painting is a vital outlet for me.  Only as I write today am I in touch with its depth and value to my heart and my soul.  Tension builds during times of emotional challenges, yet I don’t always stop and pay attention to what is building up inside. When I do stop to recognize the stress and tension, painting is literally my way of taking care of me.  Honoring this amazing gift and privilege is one I cannot ignore. I will not ignore.  I get so much from it, I cannot deny myself. 

I’ve learned so much about painting to paint art vs. painting to make a clothing design. At times, the actual paintings translate differently from canvas onto apparel. You don’t always see that the original was once a nude painting!  Sometimes we have to remove an arm or a flower’s stem or even change the direction of a flower so that it looks great on clothes!

It is exciting and rewarding to have this unique opportunity to observe this process.  How thrilling to see the delight from art owners when they get to actually wear the paintings they have purchased on their legs!  Especially when they stand next to the painting wearing them!! I just love this experience! Or when a new customer sees the painting with the apparel and it “clicks” for them and they fall in love with Threads just as I have!

I always want to help other women, of all ages, feel good. Whether that is through Threads, my art or community outreach, my life has evolved to show me that I can touch people’s hearts and lives with my art and apparel. So many women have written me to tell me how great they feel in “Threads”! We have a customer who has coined them “magic pants” and I have to agree! From creating and increasing body acceptance to building self-esteem about their own individual, gorgeous figures, the heart rewards I have already received from their genuine delight are immeasurable. I can’t wait to bring you new designs this summer and trust me, we have some amazing new colors & patterns just waiting to launch!

And don’t forget, we have another big announcement coming up this summer…stay tuned!



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  • Heartwarming and beautiful! You, your paintings and my many gorgeous leggings!


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