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"I Feel Fat."

“I feel fat!" ...  How many times in my life have I said that ?

And how many times have I heard it said by so many women in my life?

Have I really gained weight?

Or is it the same irrational feeling that has showed up so many times since I was a young girl?

Sometimes my clothes do feel tight, sometimes I know I have been eating too much. Sometimes I see it in the mirror. But most times it’s that old destructive voice in my head that so many times has taken over my body and mind, running my life, stopping me in my tracks.

You know the routine.  I don’t feel thin enough, I unrealistically bemoan not looking like the model on the grocery store magazine.  Ugh!! Why do we do that? Why do we let body image conversations stop us, dis-empower us?

So many women have the same body issues.  It’s rampant.  And it damages women.

I want Threads to be the step, no, the leap, for women to break away from negative body image feelings and blossom into a life where every woman feels free to love and express her body and herself.  It has been that for me and so many women who have joined the Threads family.

Before Threads I wore only black leggings, never color or patterns – especially on my bottom.

Most of you know we started Threads as a memorial to the beautiful expression of our daughter Nicole who passed away. I never expected creating and wearing Threads leggings and apparel to open me to my own expression but it has. 

So many women have reached out to us to tell their stories how they too had been blocked and suffocated by body image conversations and how wearing Threads leggings have become part of their expressing and loving their bodies and their selves. Every day our Threads family of women grows !  Sharing with you this journey of expression and self is an honor. Nicole would have agreed.


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