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The Learning Curve

"A Learning Curve is Essential to Growth" - Tammy Bjelland

Running your own business, a somewhat surprise venture at that, is comparable to an unexpected road trip…When I first thought of running a leggings company, I genuinely thought it would be a smaller project, one I could run off of my MacBook Pro in my laundry room office. Through grace & luck, I outgrew that laundry room within the first three weeks! We moved the home office into a guest bedroom and my staff grew from just me to plus 3 in another month! Then we booked our first pop-up show and from there the road trip went from a short jaunt down the road to a full-scale national tour! We built an amazing ecommerce website and orders started to come in from all over the USA. The guest bedroom lost the bed and became a full scale office & inventory room…And Threads grew & grew! Now as we celebrate our 1-year anniversary, we are so pleased to announce that we have joined the exclusive collection of brands that are showcased in the Fleet Feet Sarasota showroom! I am over the moon, my heart is full and some days I can’t believe just how positive the response has been. Of course my joy is often tempered by the memory of where this journey began, with the loss of our beautiful daughter Nicole. It is no coincidence to me when my web designer reports the weekly stats that time and time again, week after week, “Nicole’s Abstract” is our most viewed design. Women see the design in person and absolutely fall in love, purchasing it without knowing how significant the design is to me, my family and my staff. We take so much joy in seeing other women wear & feel great in Threads! This process has been a journey of healing, discovery, growth and joy. Success is found outside your comfort zone and in the last year I took a flying leap out of my comfort zone! And I’m learning & loving every minute of it. It’s not all fun and fashion…I’ve learned to tackle bookkeeping software that I never wanted to touch!! I am leaning into that learning curve, eager to learn more every day, to continue to practice and hone my art skills, to continue to delight women with designs that make them feel good in their own skins! I’m not just leaning into that curve, I’ve got my foot on the gas and am accelerating into that curve! Join me on this road trip of wonder & discovery…there’s another BIG announcement just around the corner this summer!!



  • How fulfilling to keep creating your life, to understand growth, change, evolving – creating, can continue as long as you are open to it! Oh what a divine role model you are. When I look at you as I have over many years I see how beauty begets beauty on every level.

    Pamela Sherman
  • Leaning in and creatively accelerated 🖌… love you artsy lady.

  • Love this adventure!!!! You’re the best!!!! My Threads scarves are constantly getting attention and beautiful comments!! Thank you .

    sherry koski
  • I can’t wait to hear your announcement. I love reading your blogs and wearing your art. Sorry I can not think of an Original statement but “You are the wind beneath my wings” I know that is a shared feeling among so many who know you. We are all eagerly awaiting your next big or baby step!


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